Stagehand Pro 4: Monitoring Behavior

VFD Amperage

Press the SET button on the VFD keypad to cycle through:

  • speed in Hz

  • current in Amps

  • voltage in Volts

Using the keypad to check the current draw of the motor is a great way to verify whether the attached machine is over capacity. If the machine has a maximum current draw of 17A, and the current displayed on the VFD is 20A, you know the machine is being asked to move more than it can and you should reduce the load.

You can graph current and speed over time using Spikemark's Analyze Movement feature.

Load Cell Readout

When jogging, the Stagehand displays the weight sensed by an attached load cell in the top line of the screen. The weight value is shown after the W: label. In the example above, it's 950.5 lb.

The load cell data can be scaled to your preferred unit of measure through Spikemark.

Load cell data from multiple Stagehands can be viewed through Spikemark.

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