Customize Your Workspace

Using Splitter Panes and Pop-Out Windows

Splitter Panes

Each workspace is divided by adjustable Splitter Panes that can be dragged to customize the size and shape of your space. These examples are in the Jog Workspace, but they function they same in Cues and Presets.

Dragging Splitter Panes

Click and drag any Splitter Pane to customize the size of the adjacent windows.

Collapse and Expand Splitter Panes

Double Click on any Splitter Pane to collapse it to the side, or expand it back to its previous location.

Presets Workspace defaults to the Preset Tiles and one live Stage Model Viewer. However, the Stagehand Properties Panel is collapsed on the far right side of the screen. There is no way to select individual units from Presets.

Pop Out Windows

The Windows Menu in the upper toolbar allows you to open certain tools in separate windows. This is exceptionally useful when using multiple screens, or trying to condense more information into the Spikemark window.

  1. Stagehand Properties

  2. Log Viewer

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