Showstopper Node Editor

Configuring Showstopper Nodes and Groups

After you have set your Node ID's and IP Addresses for your Showstopper devices, you will want to configure them in Spikemark to easily see which E-Stop in your system is triggered.

Showstopper Status and Node configurations is only available in Spikemark 5 with Showstopper 4 Hardware.

Simply, Open the Showstopper Node Editor

Enter a name for each Node ID on the Network and Click to Check Box to make it Visible in the Showstopper Status Window

Organize your E-Stops into groups or groups of groups to provide organization for all the E-stop's in your system.

To Create a Group of Showstopper Nodes, open the Showstopper Group Node Editor

After assigning names to Node IDs and organizing them by groups, see your E-stop Statuses in the Showstopper Status Window.

  • Grey Circle: Not Connected

  • Green Circle: E-Stop Released

  • Red Circle: E-Stop Engaged

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