Load Cell Readout

Before jumping into the configuration, let’s take a look at the load cell information panels.

Go to the Jog Workspace and select your motor from the Axis Grid.

Scroll down the Stagehand Properties on the right to find the Load panel and take a look at the Quick Properties Panel across the bottom.

Load Cell Status Unknown

If there is no load cell connected or an incompatible Stagehand Motion Controller is present, you’ll see this in the Properties Panels:

The Load Alarm Bell is greyed out in both the Jog Workspace and Cues Workspace Stagehand tags.

This status does not appear until the Stagehand registers at least 4mA on the load cell signal line

Load Cell Connected

Once Spikemark detects a load cell signal, the Load Cell section across the bottom, and the Load panel to the right will expand and populate with additional information and buttons.

You will also see the Load Bell icon become active in the Motor Status bars

Load Alarms Enabled/Disabled

When load alarms are turned off, the Alarm Bell turns red, and the Load Cell Status displays Alarms Disabled.

The Load Alarm state is saved on the Stagehand, meaning that it will stay Enabled or Disabled until you change it in Spikemark.

Load Information

  1. Load Cell Status - Description & Visual Indicator

  2. Current Weight - Active load reading from the load cell

  3. Underweight Threshold - Minimum weight allowed on the system

  4. Overweight threshold - Maximum weight allowed on the system

  5. Auxiliary Weight - An intermediary weight "soft" limit

  6. Peak Load - The heaviest reading the loadcell has read

  7. Minimum Load - The lightest reading the loadcell has read

  8. Reset Buttons - Peak and Minimum loads

  9. Below Auxiliary Weight - Yes/No

  10. Weight Measurement - Pounds or Kilograms

  11. Load Alarms On Button - Turn on Weight Threshold Alarms

  12. Load Alarms Off Button - Turn off Weight Threshold Alarms

  13. Configuration Button - Adjust Weight Thresholds and Load Scaling

Load Status Icons



Load Cell Mismatch

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