Drive Communication

Spikemark 4 introduced a serial RS-485 connection between Spikemark and any Stagehand Pro or Stagehand Apprentice motion controller. With a compatible Stagehand, you have access to several exciting features.

Stagehands manufactured before 12/06/2021 need to update VFD parameters

For Stagehand Pro set parameter: 332 to the value 384

For Stagehand Apprentices set parameter: 118 to the value 384

Drive communication is an RS-485 serial link between the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and the Stagehand Control Card (SCC) inside a Stagehand. The VFD and SCC communicate by the Modbus protocol allowing the SCC to gather information and send it to Spikemark. With this Modbus link Spikemark can view detailed drive faults, reset the VFD, auto tune and analyze the current and frequency for a given movement.

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