Stagehand Classic+

What is a Classic+ and how to use it

The Stagehand Classic+ is the venerable Stagehand AC (AKA: The Classic) with an updated Stagehand Control Card - and some new bits inside. Think of it like a brain transplant and a facelift.

The updated Stagehand Control Card is powered by an ARM Cortex M4 processor and a PMD (Performance Motion Devices) Magellan motion chip. It's the same card that's in the Stagehand Pro and Stagehand Apprentice motion controllers. The new architecture breaths new features, like split accel/decel, into The Classic!

New Features

Split Acceleration and Deceleration

Write more complex cues with different ramp up and ramp down times

Large Graphical OLED Display

See more information at a glance rather than cycling through all the fault codes

Spikemark Drive Communication

That's right, you can set parameters and auto-tune your Classic right from Spikemark!

Limit Overrides

Instead of using a limit jumper, you get new momentary buttons to override the limits when needed. The limit override status displays on the Stagehand Display as well as in Spikemark!

Control Circuit Protection

Since we haven't needed the battery backup since Spikemark 3, we replaced it with much needed fuse protection for the control and encoder circuits.

Existing Features

The Classic+ still has the following:

  • 12VDC encoder voltage

  • FWD and REV limits

  • The same connectors you have been using for decades


Let's take a look at what's different about the Classic+


With upgraded features comes updated Parameters. Check out the full list here.


The same basic troubleshooting you'll find here holds true with the Classic+, but we did make some changes, so there are a few additional steps to take before reaching out.


  • The Green Power Indicator is not on

    • Check the power is connected and any breakers are turned on

    • Confirm (with a meter) you have 208VAC 3P

  • The Stagehand Display isn't on but the Green Power Indicator is

    • Check the 24VDC control fuse


  • Encoder counts are not changing on the Stagehand Display

    • Check the 12VDC encoder fuse

    • Check encoder cable connections

Emergency Stop

  • Emergency Stop is Displayed on the Stagehand Display

    • An e-stop is engaged or the Showstopper cable is not connected

    • Confirm the Showstopper Base is operating

  • VFD Keypad is displaying "SA"

    • The E-stop is engaged - release the e-stop

      • engage the e-stop then release to clear the Safety Controller

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