Rigging the Machine

The Spotline Practical comes pre-reaved with at least 35’ of flat cable specially designed for lifting. This machine is designed and engineered for vertical lifting with the cable exiting from the bottom of the machine. Attach your payload to the provided thimble following best theatrical rigging practices. Ensure that your wire rope is bearing the load when you suspend your practical effect from the lifting line, rather than the power or data lines. Check that your practical travels perpendicular to the drum and the cable feeds cleanly around the idler pulley at the bottom of the machine. If your practical is not traveling perpendicular to the drum, you may need to shift the cheeseboroughs supporting the machine in order to level it.

If you find yourself in the weeds at any point, give us a call at 401-289-2942 x2, or drop us a line at support@creativeconners.com.

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