The Showstopper 4 Base is slimmed down to 2U tall and intended to be rack mounted in any standard 19” rack. If you don’t have a rack, it can also sit on the operator desk or on top of a Stagehand Controller - just be sure it is secured.

Making the Connections

While the Showstopper 4 Base makes a great paperweight on its own, connecting it properly will make it function as intended.

Input Power

Connect the IEC power cable to the back of the Showstopper 4 Base and plug into any standard 120VAC power source. The power connection must be constant. Loss of power to the Showstopper 4 Base will engage the E-Stop and stop all movement to any connected Stagehands.

We recommend adding in a Battery Backup to avoid any issues due to power loss.

Showstopper E-Stop Output

Each Stagehand or Smart Machine requires a direct connection to a Showstopper 4 Base or E-Stop Hub which provides the +24VDC E-Stop signal.

The Showstopper 4 Base includes ten E-Stop connections. The Showstopper E-Stop connections are made with a standard 5 pin XLR cable. Though this is the same connector used for DMX, the signal isn’t DMX. (Please don’t plug a Showstopper output into your lighting system!) We chose this connector due to their prevalence in many venues. If you are stuck, any old DMX cable from the lighting cage can get you up and running.


The Showstopper 4 Base includes an Ethernet connection in order to communicate E-Stop status to Spikemark. The Ethernet connection will accept a Neutrik Ethercon connector (#NE8MC-B) or any standard RJ45 connector.


The Showstopper 4 Accessory output provides dual channel E-Stop signals, CAN Bus communication, and +24VDC power for the Showstopper Consolette and Spikemark Pendant. All of these signals are combined into a single 21mm x 21mm (3A) 12 pin locking connector. There are several manufacturers of these types of connectors, our favorite is from MENCOM. The inserts are the CQF-12 (for the receptacle - output).

The Showstopper 4 Accessory cable must be 20awg, 12 conductor twisted pair cable. Non-twisted pair cable will not work. We use IGUS Chainflex CF211-05-06-02 for our cables, but any manufacturer will work.

Showstopper 4 accessories can be daisy-chained from a single Accessory output as required. For instance, Remote E-Stops could be daisy-chained from one output while another output could have more Remotes and then a Showstopper 4 E-Stop Hub and the 3rd port could have a Showstopper 4 Consolette.

Each Showstopper Accessory Output must be terminated! Connect a Showstopper 4 Consolette, Spikemark Pendant or Showstopper Accessory Terminator to each output.

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