Take a look below for common challenges and solutions to get out of a bind while using the Spikemark Pendant.


The Pendant will not function properly if there is an active DHCP Server on the network. - It will connect and motor info will be displayed - You will not be able to select different motors - You will not be able to manually jog or jog to a Spike


All network cables must be connected prior to powering on the Pendant. If it does not sense network capability on startup, the Pendant will fail to initialze the configuration screen and you will be left with only the cursor on a black background.

If your Pendant doesn't load the configuration screen:

  1. Power off the Pendant

  2. Plug in the network cable to the same system as Spikemark

  3. Power on the Pedant


Occasionally you may not be able to jog to a Spike, yet you will still be able to manually jog. This is a communication issue between the Pendant and Spikemark. Rebooting Spikemark and reconnecting the Pendant will restore full functionality.


  • Confirm jogging functionality from a Showstopper Consolette or from the manual jog controls in Spikemark.

  • Confirm the green ENABLE button is engaging.

  • Restart Pendant.

  • Restart Spikemark.


  1. Screen unresponsive

  2. Reboot Pendant from Spikemark

  3. Hard reset (remove power, wait three minutes)

  4. Email

  5. Screen damaged/broken

  6. Email


  1. Case is broken

  2. Email

  3. Broken switch, knob or lever


  • Pendant connects but is not functioning properly

    • No machine selection

    • No jogging, manually or to a Spike

      • There is a Router acting as a DHCP server on the automation network and is causing communication issues. Solution:

        • Remove the Router from the system and try again

  • Showstopper Accessory connector is damaged

    • Email for instructions

  • EtherCon connector is damaged

    • Email for instructions

  • Pendant will not connect.

    • Confirm the Pendant is enabled in Spikemark

    • Confirm IP Address and Port settings match on Pendant and in Spikemark

    • Confirm Ethernet Cable is connected

      • The network connection must be present prior to boot up

    • Confirm the port is open through any firewall

    • Attempt reconnecting

  • Pendant screen displays “Enable Pendant in Spikemark”

    • Follow all steps above

    • Confirm the port is available and open thru Windows Defender Firewall

    • Disable all 3rd party firewall programs

      • Macfee and Norton firewalls are both known to block the Pendant communication

  • Pendant screen displays “Network error”

    • Pendant screen will initially flash when attempting to connect, then displays “Network Error”.

      • On subsequent attempts to connect, status will switch to “Connecting” for approximately 1 second or less, then switch back to “Network Error.”

    • Open Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security

      • If there are multiples, delete all but two of them.

      • If there is only one, right click on “Spikemark_Pendant_Port” and select “Copy”, then right click on it again, and select “Paste”. Can also left click to select and use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste. It will paste at the top of the list, so either scroll up to find it, or resort via Name or Group by clicking on the corresponding column header.

    • Click “Apply”, shutdown the Pendant, and close Spikemark.

    • Reopen your show file and restart the Pendant.

    • Configure both using “9090” in the “Port:” field and attempt to connect.

    • If the same issue arises, repeat the process using another port number. Anything above 1000 is acceptable, but note that Windows may not display all ports that are currently in use, so you may need to try several if the same symptom is occuring.


Occasionally you may notice when the enable button is pressed and the Pendant is in Jog mode, the selected axis or group will begin to creep forward or reverse. This can be fixed by calibrating the paddle from the Configuration Screen

  • Reboot your pendant from Spikemark.

  • Confirm the Jog Paddle is resting at the center of its range of motion

  • Tap the Calibrate button

  • Reconnect your Pendant to Spikemark following the steps explained above and test the calibration.

Technical Support

If you get stuck, we’re here to help. The best way to get in touch with a tech expert is via email - even during normal business hours - because most days we are spread around the shop and may not be near the phone. There’s someone in the office from 8:30a-5pm EST Monday - Friday and will return an email or phone call quickly. After hours (honestly when most tech support issues arise) we have a crack team monitoring email and voicemail who will respond quickly to help get you moving.

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