Changing the Type of Scenery

Schematic Pane

Each motor you add can be easily modified to better reflect the size and shape of your scenery. All model adjustments are made from the Schematic Pane after you select a unit from the Jog or Cue screen.

  1. Open a new default show file.

  2. Select the Pushstick V2.

  3. Scroll down in the Stagehand Properties Panel until you get to the Schematic section.

Scenery Type

This will change the physical looks of your model, how the Schematic Controls interact, and also what measurement units are available. There are three types of scenery available in Spikemark:

  1. Winch - This is used for all linear motion, whether it's a deck winch, curtain winch, lift, or hoist.

  2. Turntable - Standard, circular turntables.

  3. Periaktos - If your rotating unit does NOT infinite sides (aka, it's not a circle) this is for you!

Axis Type

The Axis Type is not actually critical for the Stage Model Viewer, but it will change how the unit will be seen in Cues.

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