Most of the time the Revolver spins as expected, other times it can feel like a battle with a toddler.

Common Challenges

Motor is Jerky

Poor motion with a turntable can be caused by several factors

  • Drive wheel slippage

    • Add more tension to the drive wheel

  • Encoder wheel slippage

    • Add more tension to the encoder

  • PID tuning

    • Too high of a P-Gain can cause poor motion. Reduce the P-Gain.

  • Cast dancing (even walking) on the the turntable

    • PID tuning can help, but check for drive wheel slippage first

Won’t run in a cue

Often you will be able to successfully jog your turntable but trying to run in cue faults with a position fault.

The cue could fault immediately or mid cue.

  1. Confirm encoder counts and motor direction are in phase (jogging FWD counts increase)

  2. Confirm dancer wheel encoder is counting accurately

  3. Set position lag time to 1 second

  4. Reduce cue speed by half and try to run again

Sometimes the cue will run but will seemingly randomly stop mid-move with a soft stop

  • Spikemark is searching for a Showstopper Consolette

    • Connect your Showstopper Consolette

    • Disconnect from the Consolette if you are using a Showstopper 2

Technical Support

If you are still in the weeds feel free to reach out for assistance.

The best (and quickest) way to reach one of our support staff is via email:

You can also try to reach us on the phone. Give us a call at 401-289-2942 x2 - leave a voicemail if no one is available.

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