Setting Stagehand IP Address

Setting the IP Address

To set the IP address of the Stagehand:

  • Press the Knob. The Knob serves double-duty as a typical rotary knob and a button (much like a car stereo knob).

  • The SET IP address screen will be displayed just like the picture below:

  • There is a blinking cursor on the display, turning the knob will scroll the cursor through the various fields. By turning the Knob, scroll over to the last segment of the IP address which is 32 by default.

  • Press the Knob to select the last segment and make it adjustable.

  • Turn the Knob to set a new value.

  • Once you are happy with the new value, press the Knob to accept the value.

  • Turn the Knob, scroll over to the OK and then press the Knob to set the new address and return to the primary display screen. If you want to cancel the changes you made to the IP address, place the cursor over CANCEL and press the Knob.

Setting the Subnet Mask

Stagehand also allows you to set the Subnet Address. Press and hold the knob until the display shows the Set Subnet screen.

The default subnet of should suffice for almost everyone, though if you are integrating the Stagehand and Spikemark with show control systems you may need to adjust the Subnet. Follow the same process to set the Subnet as did for the IP Address.

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