Input Messages

There are two types of responses that Spikemark will send back status messages and data messages. When OSC responses are turned on status messages will be sent back to the sender at the address /spikemark/reply with a JSON string parameter as follows:

    "Address": "invoking address",
    "Success": true or false,
    "Message": "additional information if needed",
    "Data": additional decimal data if needed 

Some commands send back data, these data messages get sent back to the sender at the address /reply/{invoking address} with the relevant data passed as arguments. For example if /cue/1/ramptime was sent to Spikemark it would respond with /reply/cue/1/ramptime 1.89.

When an OSC message needs a string as part of its address like /motor/{motor_name}/position the string in Spikemark can not contain any of the following characters.




number sign






forward slash


question mark


open bracket


close bracket


open curly bracket


closed curly bracket

Additionally spaces aren't allowed in OSC address so if your motor name has any spaces then in the OSC address replace them with and underscore(_). As an example if in Spikemark you had a motor with a name of Pushstick V2 and you wanted to get its position you would send the OSC message with the address /motor/Pushstick_V2/position.

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