Tags, along with Filters, and Search, allow you to quickly see the Stagehands that you want to see in Spikemark.

When you click on a Tag, Spikemark will show you only the Stagehands with that Tag. If you want to see all the Stagehands in your show. Click the "All" Tag.

For example, you can have separate Tags for your flies and deck machines. Or have separate Tags for stage right, stage left, up stage, and down stage. Or anything else you would like to Tag.

New Tag

To create a new Tag, Click the + in the Identification Box

Tag Editor

The Tag Editor will open. Change the name of tag and color.

If you decide that you want to change the name or the color later, Right Click on the Tag and Click Edit Tag.


Delete Tag

If you want to Delete the Tag, Right Click on the Tag, and Click Delete Tag. Like in the above image


Click on the Tag you want to Delete, then Click the "X" Button

Assign Tag

After you create your Tag, you will need to assign Tags to your Stagehands.

Select the Stagehands you want to Tag

Then select the tag you want to assign, then Click the arrow assign it.

Un-Assign Tag

To remove the assigned Tag. Select the tag in the "assigned" box and click the back arrow to un-assign it.

Multiple Tags

Even assign multiple Tags to see just the Stagehand that you want.

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