Cue Controls

Cue Control Corner

The primary set of Cue Controls are located in the bottom right corner of the Cues Workspace.

  • Double Click the horizontal divider between the Stagehand Properties to collapse or expand this window.

  • Click and Drag the horizontal divider for a custom size.

Cue Control Pop-Up Window

Additional Cue Control pop-up windows can be created and moved anywhere on your screen from the Window tab of the Menu Bar.

Jump To Cue

Click on the Load Button in the bottom, center of the Cue Control to open the Jump to Cue Window. From here, you can directly load any cue instead of clicking on the load button next to the cue itself.

Next Cue & Previous Cue

You can quickly navigate between successive cues by clicking the Next Cue or Previous Cue button located on either side of the Jump to Cue button.

Run Cue

Once you have a cue loaded, and you're ready to move, click the Go Button to start your cue.

Soft Stop Cue

Pressing the Stop Sign will send a Soft Stop command to all Stagehands. This will cause any moving motors to slow to a stop using the Ramp Time from that movement.

If the ramp time is 5 Seconds, it will take the unit 5 seconds to come to a stop. If you need to stop immediately, use the E-Stop!

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