Getting Started

Congratulations on your purchase of the Spotline Practical hoist from Creative Conners, Inc. The Spotline Practical a fully-fledged hoist for practical, electrified effects. It includes all of the mechanics, motion controller, brakes, limits, and other electronics needed to meet the ANSI E-1.6-1 2012 industry hoisting standards. The Spotline Practical is ideal for all locations since it operates on standard 120V power.

This manual will guide you through

  1. Unpacking

  2. Installation and testing

  3. Operational procedures

  4. Troubleshooting

If you need any help along the way, you can get assistance from our support technicians through our website, via e-mail, or by phone (401) 289-2942 extension 2.

A word about safety

The Spotline Practical is a powerful machine designed with safety in mind. The 15lb payload can cause significant damage to people, scenery, and machinery if allowed to free-fall. The integrated ultimate and slack-line sensors mitigate these risks, but the following warnings should be heeded:

  • Safe rigging practices should be used in the hanging of both the Spotline Practical hoist and its payload.

  • Attach the hoist to the batten using both couplers

  • Use a safety cable of at least ⅛” diameter aircraft cable to further secure the hoist to its hanging point.

What’s in the box

  • Spotline Practical hoist

  • Spotline Practical Quick Start Guide

  • 2 x 10’ Edison to powerCON TRUE1 power cables

  • 1 x powerCON TRUE1 connector (for your electrified payload)

Required Tools

Making adjustments to the Spotline Practical will require a couple hand tools:

  • ⅛” Hex (limit cover)

  • 4” long, #1 Flat Head Screwdriver (rotary limit adjustment)


The Spotline Practical is one of our fully-featured Smart Machines. It integrates the control interface of a typical Stagehand with a safety-oriented mechanical design for an all-in-one machine. Some of the safety features include:

  • Emergency Stop circuit

  • Dual brakes

  • Forward and reverse limit switches

  • Ultimate limit circuit to prevent overtravel of payload into the machine body

  • Slack-line detection sensor

  • Mounting point for safety cable

  • Individual electrical breakers for both machine power and payload power.

  • 2 x built-in Mega Slim Couplers for easy installation

  • 35’ max travel

  • Flat lifting line to reduce spinning

  • Powered lifting line (110VAC 10A Max)

  • 200W servo capable of lifting 15lb payload at 48”/sec

  • 110VAC 60Hz 1-phase machine input power (powerCON TRUE1 )

  • 110VAC 10A (1200W) max payload input power (powerCON TRUE1 )

  • powerCON TRUE1 practical receptacle

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