4.9 Spikes

Instead of just telling it to go to a specific number position, we'll create the cue using a Spike, right from the movement editor.

How about we create a cue from scratch that moves the Wagon off stage right?

  1. Click "Cue" from the Top Menu Bar and Select "Add Cue". Keyboard warriors can use CTRL + U.

  2. Add the Wagon to the cue.

  3. Name the cue Wagon Off, and pick another fun color!

  4. Go to the Edit Movement Window and click "Add Spike"

  5. Double Click in the new spike's Name Box to change the name to Off SR

  6. While the Name Box is active, Double Click or Tab to move to and edit the Value Box to 0.

  7. Press Tab or Enter to save the value.

  8. Single Click on the spike to select it. It will highlight orange when it's selected.

  9. Click "Update" to save and close the Edit Movement Window.

To learn more about Spikes:

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