Modeling A Turntable or Periaktos

Spikemark makes it easy to change a motor model from linear motion to rotational motion.

Making A Turntable

The default model style for every motor in the show is a winch, which moves linearly along a track. This works great for deck winches, lifts, hoists, and curtains which all move in a linear fashion. However, a lot of shows include turntables.

Parameters To Set

  • Scenery Type: turntable

  • Axis Type: Rotator

  • Width & Length (Diameter): 16ft (changing one automatically changes the other

  • Distance from Center: 0ft

  • Distance from Plaster: 20ft

  • Rotation Y: -90 degrees (270 degrees also works)


  1. Select the motor you wish to adjust.

  2. Select turntable in the Scenery Type window.

  3. Select Rotator in the Axis Type dropdown menu.

  4. Adjust Width, Length, and Height.

    1. The Width and Length are the Diameter.

    2. The Height is the Thickness of the turntable.

  5. Adjust Rotation X and Rotation Y so that the unit travels vertically.

  6. Adjust Distance and Elevation to reflect actual location on (and under) the stage.

  7. Set Max Forward Position Soft Limit for actual travel distance.

Making A Periaktos

A Periaktos is essentially a non-round turntable. A quick Axis Type change from your turntable setup will bring you into the realm of Periaktoi.

  1. Select periaktos in the Axis Type dropdown menu.

  2. Adjust the Sides slider or box for the number of sides on your unit.

Changing the Direction

By default, a turntable or periaktos will count up/positive when turning clockwise. This can be reversed.

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