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y Would You Restore Parameters?

There are times when you find yourself in the weeds with a misbehaving Stagehand and nothing you do seems to make a difference. For me, these times generally coincide with adjusting parameters, running an auto-tune or (of course) 1st tech/1st dress/1st preview. VFDs are complicated devices and one wrong parameter can wreak havoc - tossing out errors, not triggering the brakes or just not working at all.

Most often fixing a parameter issue is as simple as clicking a few buttons in Spikemark. If you're stuck with a drive fault or some other weird errors, click on the Stagehand you have below to find out how to restore the VFD to factory settings.

Before resetting any parameters, make sure your drive is not displaying a brake fault.

If BRAKE FAULT is displayed on your Stagehand Card, follow these steps to clear your brake fault before clearing/restoring your Stagehand parameters:

The most likely cause of BRAKE FAULT being displayed is that the PLC program was not reinstated after the auto-tune. Let’s confirm the value in parameter 414:

    • 0 = PLC program is not running

    • 1 = PLC program for an A700

    • 2 = PLC program for an A800

    • The display will flash between P.414 and the value you set

  1. Power cycle the VFD for at least 5 seconds

    • Engage the E-Stop or remove the Input Power

Once reset try jogging the motor.

If all functions as expected you are ready to Make It Move!

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