Selection and Input

As we go through the various screens, you’ll want to select and put information into various fields. Just like with most computer programs, you can left click and right click just about anywhere to achieve various actions.

  • Left Click

    • Typically, Left Clicking is used to select an option or activate an input field.

  • Double Click

    • Left clicking twice quickly in succession on the Splitter Panes will automatically collapse and expand the associated window area.

  • Right Click

    • Typically, Right Clicking opens a contextual menu for various options related to the object or area being clicked.


Input fields are identified by having a light blue background. Each of these fields allows for either alphanumeric or numeric input. For example, in the Jog Workspace, the Axis Control Panel has various input fields and even some drop down menus, such as Position Units and Spike Type.

Spikes have become a little more complicated, so they don't follow the light blue input field convention. Each field is editable, even though they are white backgrounds.


When inputting data there are two methods for confirming or saving that information into that field.

  • Tab

After the data has been entered, press the tab key. This will automatically cycle to the next input field and confirm the previously entered information.

  • Click

Clicking into another text field will confirm the data you entered.

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