Edit Cue Options

Once a cue is created, select the Edit Icon to open the Edit Cue Window. This shows you the same options you had during cue creation, but also adds Cue Ramp Time and Cue Total time.

Cue Number

Cues will automatically arrange themselves on screen from lowest to highest, and they can be whole numbers or decimals.

Cue Description

Add a short (or long) blurb about what is happening in that cue. This could be a stage direction, a script location, or even an operator note.

Cue Color

The cue color can be changed to help the operator better identify different parts of a show. This can be done with a Hex code, or you can pick or create a custom color inside the Color Pallet Window.

Cue Ramp and Total Time

While each movement can have its respective times changed, if you have multiple movements in one cue that you want to run simultaneously, you can set the Cue Ramp Time and Cue Total Time in the Cue Options Window.

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