Revolver V1 Position Issues

Make sure the Encoder is set up for success!

  1. Make sure that the encoder wheel itself is secured to the shaft. Any slip on there will definitely cause problems. This is done with this special tool to reach down inside the encoder bore.

  1. Verify that the encoder is level with the turntable. The Revolver v1 encoders are notorious for "climbing" when they aren't perfectly level with the turntable. If you need to, use shims when tightening the unistrut nuts to bring it into level.

  2. Check and see if there is slop in the encoder sled. Some of the Revolver v1 encoder sleds were not machined with as fine a tolerance as we adhere to today. If you can jiggle it around in the grooves, you may need to get some UHMW shims in there (still allowing it to move of course) to help decrease that space. We've used the UHMW tape to great success for applications such as this. Here is an example of the current tolerance we machine to:

  1. Check that the encoder isn't TOO tight. I know it sounds weird, but if the encoder is jammed too tightly into the turntable, it can actually deform the soft rubber wheel enough so that it becomes elongated and gives you inconsistent counts. Check out our Friction Wheel Tensioning Guide.

  2. Check that your encoder cable is NOT running in line with any kind of power cables. This can cause interference and throw off encoder counts.

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