Stagehand Pro 3E

Nuggets of Knowledge for the upgraded Stagehand Pro 3

What is the Stagehand Pro 3E?

The Stagehand Pro 3E looks like a Stagehand Pro 3 AC and is functionally identical to a Stagehand Pro 4. I bet you’re wondering why we would do this… supply chain woes are a real thing. Our go to VFD - the Mitsubishi A800 - was not available on any sort of reasonable lead time, but we could get the Mitsubishi E800’s! While we were at it we upgraded the control card too!

Stagehand Pro 3E Features

  • 5HP motor control

  • Dual Brake support

  • Load cell support

  • Cross groove detection

  • Branch circuit protection

Controls and Connections

The Stagehand Pro 3E connections are identical to the Pro 3 while the controls are more like a Stagehand Pro 4.

  1. Limit Override Buttons

    1. Forward, Reverse and Ultimate Limits

  2. Stagehand Control Card

    1. Status Display & Local Jog control

  3. Sensor Override

  4. Brake Test buttons

  5. Branch circuit protection

  6. Power indicator

  7. Commissioning port

  8. Ethernet port

  9. Showstopper

  10. Sensor input

  11. Input Power

  12. Motor/Brake output

  13. Additional Optional Connections

    1. Interlock

    2. External Brake Resistor


The Stagehand Pro 3E and Pro 4 share many of the same operational features. Check out the following links on connections and operations. If you run into an issue drop us an email at

Stagehand Pro 4: Making The Connections

Stagehand Pro 4: Operation

Stagehand Pro 4: Troubleshooting


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