Required Tools

  • CNC router

  • 9/16” wrench/socket

  • 5/16” hex key

  • Speed square or framing square

  • Level

  • Self-leveling laser, beam, or rotary

  • 8-10 clamps, with at least 4-1/2" throat opening

  • Screw gun with #2+3 Phillips bits

  • Shims, as needed.

CNC Cutting

The first step to fabricating your turntable is getting the plywood parts cut. Along with this guide is a package of drawings (DWGs and PDFs) detailing all the parts you will need to make the turntable.

If your plywood stock has a better face-grain on one side that side should be routed facing up, so that the counterbores or countersinks end up on that side. This should work out thus for the turntable parts when assembled from top to bottom:

  • 2nd layer of lid: A-side up

  • 1st layer of lid: A-side down

  • Drive Ring: A-side down

  • Spider: A-side down

Building the Sub-Assemblies

Refer to the 20' Turntable Template Assembly Drawings as needed.

Now with your CNC cut plywood parts, install the t-nuts into the counterbored holes. The counterbores should allow the t-nuts’ flanges to sit flush or slightly recessed to the bottom of the plywood. The t-nuts will likely backout or be pushed out during assembly without a screw or 2 in each. If you do not add screws, do not worry if the t-nuts aren’t flush with the plywood - they will tighten up when assembled.

  • Spider - Hub gets 3/8"-16 and 1/2"-13 t-nuts.

  • Spider - Long Leg, Short Leg, Inner Rib, and Outer Rib get 3/8"-16 t-nuts.

  • Lid 1st Layer gets 1/4"-20 t-nuts.

  • 8x Drive Rings get 1/4"-20 t-nuts. Do not install t-nuts in the other Drive Rings.

Attach the casters to the Spider - Long Legs (4 casters per, 12 assemblies), Short Legs (2 casters per, 12 assemblies), and Outer Ribs (1 caster per, 24 assemblies) with the hardware stack as shown (9/16” wrench/socket). There is a 1/4" plywood Caster Shim that goes between the caster’s mounting plate and the Leg each caster is attached to. Use a speed square or framing square as you tighten the bolts to ensure that the wheels are perpendicular to each Leg.

Attach the Pivot (top) to the Spider - Hub (bottom), Big Pivot Shim (bottom center), and Small Pivot Shim (top center) with the hardware stack as shown (3/4" wrench/socket).

Now your pre-assembled pieces are complete, so you are ready to begin assembling the turntable.

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