Target Tolerance

Target Tolerance mode is the default mode for running cues. When you load and run a cue, your machine(s) will run towards their target position. Once the motor position is within the specified tolerance of its target position, the machine will stop moving and display as a Completed Cue.

This means that it is possible that your cue will take a little more or little less time than the specified time depending on how long it takes to achieve it's target position. If you have tight timing requirements and accuracy of position is less important, you can switch Strict Timing Mode(A legacy mode that we don't often suggest using)

This is why you might notice a position end at 199.83" instead of 200", or that your lift's platform always sits a little low to the stage when in its Up position. This is common if your target position is .25" which is often the default for a machine in Spikemark.

You may find that you need to decrease this value to get you cues to complete where you intend them to.

However, you might find that if you set this value is too small, your cues will not complete. If you find that your cues are not completing(Sitting Green and not turning to Blue), you either need to do some motor tuning or increase the value for Target Tolerance.

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