5.3 Resetting Position

Once your scenery is attached, you need to tell Spikemark where your scenery is located in order to have a reference point when writing cues.

In this example, our "Home" or "Zero" positions are as follows:

  • Wagon: All the way Off SR.

  • Turntable: Imagine the indexing line on the visualizer is a piece of scenery, like a tree. This will start facing Up Stage (index line pointing to the 12 o'clock position).

  • DS Scenic Truss: The scenery on this truss will be resting on the deck.

The Reset Position Button has moved.

  1. Manually Jog each unit to it's "home" or "Zero" location. This is typically the furthest position off stage.

  2. Click the Position number in the Side Bar to open the Reset Position Window.

  3. Type in "0" and then Click "OK" to save your position and close the Reset Position Window.

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