Multi-Motor Configuration

Running multiple Revolvers from one Stagehand.

It's not uncommon to try and run two (or more) motors from one Stagehand, especially for large or extremely heavy turntables.

The Stagehand Apprentice is not able to operate multiple Revolvers though it can operate two 2hp motors!

What do you need?

Because we are running in a different Control Method (Pr.800) than normal, you do not need to autotune the VFD

Installation Process

You only need ONE ENCODER.

Choose one revolver to serve as the primary and install the encoder. The other encoder can be moved out of the way.

  • Run motor/brake cable(s) from each Revolver and plug them into the Motor/Brake Two-fer at the Stagehand.

  • Run a signal cable from the primary Revolver and plug it directly into the Stagehand.

Changing VFD Parameters

Some of these parameters are available from the Spikmark Drive Communication menu, but a couple will need to be changed Using the VFD Keypad.

On the VFD Keypad:

  1. Repeat the steps above and make sure all the parameters listed below are set to the correct value too.

  2. Lastly, cycle power to your Stagehand

Dual Revolver v2 Parameters

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