Below is a flow chart for proper Spotline operation. It is important for the end user to understand and recognize the normal sequence of operation to be able to quickly recognize problems.

Inspection Checklists

The following is a checklist to inspect the Spotline prior to rigging. It is necessary to perform the checklists detailed below to ensure all components of the Spotline are operating correctly. If any component fails the test do not use the Spotline and consult Creative Conners Inc.


The following items should be inspected each time the Spotline is installed.


o Gearmotor Key Engaged o Drum Key Engaged o Brake Key Engaged o Gearmotor Retaining Ring Installed o Brake Retaining Ring Installed o Set Screws on Drum are tight o Chain tension is correct on Limit Switch o Drum Grooves are not damaged or crushed


  • Spotline runs correctly in Manual Jog mode o Stagehand Pro displays encoder counts while jogging o Counts must increase when jogging FWD

  • Ultimate FWD, FWD, Ultimate REV, and REV limits operate correctly

  • Run Brake Test Sequence o LCD displays encoder counts correctly


The following items should be checked each day the hoist is in service.

o Run brake test sequence o Check Forward Limit o Check Reverse Limit o Ensure encoder is counting correctly o Confirm cable is wrapping onto drum correctly

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