Connecting To A Showstopper Consolette

Establishing a Network Connection To A Showstopper Consolette In Spikemark

Before connecting to your Consolette in Spikemark, make sure you have set the IP Address on the Consolette first.

Check out these instructions on how to set up your Showstopper Consolette.

  1. Click "Showstopper Consolette" in the Control Devices section to open the Showstopper Consolette Settings.

  2. Change the IP Address field to match the IP Address on your Consolette.

  3. Click "Connect" to initiate the connection between Spikemark and your Consolette.

  4. Click "Close" to save the settings and close the Showstopper Consolette Settings.

Notice that the Showstopper Consolette button is now green, indicating that you are connected.

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