In Spikemark, Presets are way to recall a cue or a set of cues in a graphical(pushbutton like) way.

If you are looking for Pre-Programmed Positions, We call those Spikes.

Presets are a way to load and run cues or a set of cues without the complexity of the cue list often used in permanent installs when you want to run a set of cue, but care less about the particular order of cues. It is one of the lesser used features in Spikemark, but still a good tool to know about when programming Spikemark. Here are the steps to create and run a Preset:

  1. Write a cue or sequence of cues using cue links:

  1. Right click on the first cue in that sequence and click create preset: - Give it a name and description:

  1. Navigate to the Preset Workspace:

  1. Click on the preset to load the cue, and then click the GO button and run the sequence of cues:

Notice how this runs the whole sequence of cues without having to read through the cue list.

Create a bunch more sequences and create Presets for them, and then run all of your machinery from the Preset Workspace and not the Complex Cue List.

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