Showstopper Remote E-Stop


The Showstopper Remote E-stop is an emergency stop button that can be placed anywhere in your venue. The Remote E-Stop connects to the Showstopper Base or a Showstopper Hub. With a maximum of 127 devices, you can have an E-Stop where ever one is needed.

This guide will walk you through:

  • Installation

  • Operation

  • Troubleshooting

  • Specifications

  • Drawing


In the box you will find only the Showstopper Remote


The Showstopper Remote E-Stop comes in 3 configurations.

Flush Mount Remote E-Stop

The Flush Mount version is just a faceplate with the e-stop button, lights, and controls, but does not include the enclosure. This is designed to be permanently installed on a standard 3 Gang Electrical Boxe that you can get from any electrical supplier or local hardware store.

Surface Mount Remote E-Stop

The Surface Mount version is the same faceplate, e-stop button, lights, and controls from above, but also include a finished black powder coated enclosure that can be mounted to the wall. The enclosure includes 4 1/2" or 3/4" conduit knockouts for permeant installation in your venue.

Portable Remote E-Stop

The Portable Remote E-Stop includes a faceplate with an illuminated button and a black poweder coated box with Showstopper Accessory cable connections. Use this version when you need a temporary e-stop.

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