VFD Settings

The parameter settings on the Mitsubishi Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) are tailored to make the unit work effectively with each machine. The Floorpocket uses a different set of VFD parameters than all of the other Creative Conners, Inc. stock products.

Below is a list of the parameters that are changed from the factory defaults, and what they do. Viewing and changing the parameters is a straightforward process. On the VFD keypad press the MODE button until a ā€˜Pā€™ is displayed. Use the wheel to scroll to the desired parameter number and press the SET button. The display will change and display a number value. Use the wheel to adjust the value and press SET. To make no change, simply press the SET button. When all settings are confirmed/adjusted, press the mode button 3 times until the display shows 0.00.

A more detailed explanation of this process can be found here:

We have designed a few variants of the Stagehand Pro and they each need slightly different parameters to run your Floorpocket efficiently and effectively. To know what Stagehand Pro and VFD you have, look at the VFD keypad on the face plate and notice where that keypad is located on the Stagehand itself. If the keypad is square and is located on the bottom right of the faceplate, it is a Stagehand Pro 3 with an A800. If the keypad is square on the bottom left of the faceplate it is a Stagehand Pro 2 with an A800. If it is rectangular and is located on the bottom left of the faceplate, it is a Stagehand Pro 2 with an A700.


Pre-2019 Floorpocket

If you happen to be working with a Floorpocket that was manufactured before January 2019, you will need to change a few parameters for your Floorpocket to function properly. This version the Floorpocket are the Floorpockets that we currently have in our rental stock. This version of the Floorpocket has a slightly different motor and encoder. Change the following parameters using this table below following the process described above.

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