Motor Status Icons

Motor status is displayed in Spikemark with icons (you know, a picture is often worth a thousand words). Check out the plethora of icons you may see on the Axis Card or in the Axis List while using Spikemark.




Emergency Stop

Soft Stop


Firmware Update

Cue Control

Cue Loaded

Cue Complete

Target Tolerance - FWD

Target Tolerance - REV

Strict Timing - FWD

Strict Timing - REV

Position Fault

Group Fault

Soft Stopping

Limit Status

Forward Limit

Reverse Limit

Ultimate Limit

Forward Interlock

Reverse Interlock

All Stop Interlock

Cross Groove

Manual Motion

Jogging Forward

Jogging Reverse

Zero Speed Jogging

Drive Faults

Drive Fault

Brake Fault

External Fault

Load Faults



Load Cell Mismatch

Stagehand FX Icons

The Stagehand FX shares the General Icons as well as these FX specific ones.

Output running in a cue

Output running in manual mode

All outputs off due to a fault condition

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