Limit are important. We talk about limits in two ways: Hard Limits and Soft Limits
Physical limits that trigger a stopping response at the Stagehand and prevent the motor from moving. The hard limits should not be used to stop motion when running regular cues.
There are typically two sets of Hard Limits:
  1. 1.
    Initial Limits - set to constrain the travel during the show
  2. 2.
    Ultimate Limits - set at the furthest possible extents of travel to prevent hitting anything else.
Software(Soft) limits are set at the farthest extent of unit travel for cued motion. If you don’t have a specific location for these and pace and travel allows, we recommend setting the soft limits at least several inches inside your hard limits.
Soft Limits only prevent you from writing cues beyond this value, you still can jog your machines beyond this value.
When setting limits, use this graphic as a guide to where you should set each limit: