Spotline V2: Troubleshooting

Machines are complex - making them run smoothly can be challenging. Below are common issues and how to solve them.

  • Motor won't move and immediately trips a VFD fault

    • Load the correct parameters and run an autotune

  • Motion isn't smooth

    • check Spikemark PID values

    • reduce load and check motion

    • check rigging for hang-ups

  • X-Groove sensor is tripping

    • Check for x-groove

    • Check for cable "knuckle" at drum entry location

    • Adjust the x-groove sensor

      • Each sensor has a light that turns on when the bar is WITHIN PROXIMITY. If either light is out, you will see an XG.

  • Positioning is poor

    • Separate motor and signal cables

  • Load cells

    • Check load cell scaling

    • adjust minimum/maximum loads

    • check for interference/hangups

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