Getting Started


The Pendant works in conjunction with Spikemark software and the Showstopper Base to bring the power of Spikemark anywhere in the theater. Once connected to Spikemark, you are no longer tied to the automation table!

Although the Pendant is portable, it is not indestructible - it’s a little computer after all. Take care to avoid dropping the Pendant, spilling liquids on it, and scratching the touch screen.


  • 7” Touchscreen

  • Rugged single locking cable connectors

  • Self terminating Remote E-Stop button

  • Pendant Firmware V3

  • Jog any motor manually or to a Spike

  • Jog motor groups manually

  • Jump into a group for individual axis control

  • Move individual axes to any position within the Hard Limits

  • Use the jog wheel for fine tuning position

  • Adjust Spikes on the fly

  • Reset position

  • Activate and deactivate motors

  • Ships with:

    • Bluetooth keyboard for adjusting default settings

    • Adapter Box to connect to a network switch and Showstopper Base and run with a single cable to Pendant

    • 25' Pendant Cable

    • 5' Showstopper 4 Accessory Cable

    • 5' Ethernet Cable

    • All shipped in a protective flight case with foam to protect your Pendant when in storage

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