Windows Settings

Basic computer setup and Windows settings

DO NOT just open your show file

ALWAYS open Spikemark through the Start Menu or Task Bar and then use File>Open to open your show

This will ensure that your show and machinery load properly in the software.

Windows Security Settings

Allow Spikemark to communicate through Windows Defender Firewall

Add an app from the list of allowed apps

    1. Windows+R --> firewall.cpl --> Allow an App through Windows Firewall

-- if Spikemark is not on the list --

    1. Default location is C:\Program Files\Spikemark

  1. Return to Step 3 above to allow Spikemark through.

Open a port

    • Windows+R --> firewall.cpl

Allow UDP in Spikemark

    • Windows+R --> firewall.cpl

  1. Scroll to Spikemark left click to select it. It wil highlight blue

  2. Copy and past the rule using CTRL+C then CTRL+V

Open Port for Spikemark Pendant

    • Windows+R --> firewall.cpl

Windows Update

Even though we turn it off so that it does not interfere with our network or running a show, it is best practice to keep Windows up to date.

Check for Windows Updates Now

Turn off Windows Update through the Services App

  1. Select the Start menu, type services, and select it from the list of results

  2. Scroll down the list of Services to Windows Update and select it

  3. Select the option to Stop the service

If the service is already off, it will show the option to Start the service. In this case, you don't need to do anything!

Windows Power Settings

It is best practice to make sure that your computer is as responsive as possible:

  1. Window+R -->

    control.exe powercfg.cpl,,3

Windows Network Adapters

We recommend turning off any network adapters that are not being used by Spikemark to avoid network interference

If you use a VPN, this must also be disabled to connect in Spikemark

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