Setting Pendant IP Address

Because the Pendant is a networked device it needs to have a unique static IP address. This address must be set on both the Pendant and in Spikemark to allow communication to the Pendant.

Once the connections are made and there is power to the Showstopper Base, the Pendant will power on. Once the boot up process is complete, the Pendant will be at the configuration screen.

The default IP Address values will be completed for both the computer running Spikemark as well as the Pendant:

  • Spikemark IP:

    • This is the default IP Address of the computer running Spikemark

  • Pendant IP:

    • This is the default IP Address of the Pendant

  • Subnet Mask:

  • Port: 8080

The default values are merely suggestions based on how we configure the Spikemark network. Have no fear, you can easily change these values to fit into your network settings.

Select a value to change, either with your finger (it's a touch screen) or use the touchpad on the included Bluetooth keyboard.

You can scroll through the values with the jog wheel or use the keyboard to delete and enter the value directly.

Any changes to the IP Addresses, Subnet or Port will be saved to the Pendant once the Connect button is pressed.

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