Load Cell

Adding a Stagehand Pro 4 or 5 and a machine with a compatible load cell to Spikemark 5 allows you to see live load cell data in Spikemark and on the Stagehand Motion Controller. You can also set overweight and underweight thresholds to automatically stop motion.

What you Need

To use this killer feature you will need the following:

Creative Conners Machines

Load cells are currently available on the following Creative Conners machines:

  • CM Smart Chain Hoist - The CM Smart Chain Hoist can use the integral hook load cell or a shackle style load cell.

  • Floorpocket - The Floorpocket uses a load cell at the motor to measure torque.

  • Spotline v2

No matter the machine, load cells are only serviceable by a qualified technician.

Unfortunately, Broadweigh load shackles are not compatible with Spikemark and the Stagehand.

Selecting A Load Cell

Load cells come in many shapes and sizes. When specifying a load cell you need to keep several factors in mind:

  • Data signal - Is the load cell sending a digital or analog signal back to the reader?

  • Peak loading potential - An e-stop puts large loads on the entire system, and a load cell needs to be in line in order to read the weight. Make sure it’s beefy enough to withstand the shockload of sudden stop.

  • Installation criteria - Where are you actually measuring the force? A shackle is easy to identify, but a torque arm buried inside a machine can also work.

There are a few ways to read the load data, but the most accessible is the 4mA to 20mA analog signal - which is the type that is compatible with the Stagehand Pro 4 and Spikemark.

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