Manually Calculate Position Scale

Confirm that the current Position Scale field is set to “1” in the Position section of the Stagehand Properties Panel.

This will make sure Spikemark is reading 1 encoder count per actual encoder count (cts/ct)

Reset your position to 0

In the Local Controls section of the Jog Workspace, run the motor forward or reverse as far as you safely can. Record the Travel Distance

At the top of the Stagehand Properties Panel, note the number of encoder counts that are traveled.

PositionScale=EncoderCounts/TravelDistancePosition Scale = EncoderCounts/TravelDistance

For example: 1,245,012 encoder counts / 125.5 inches = 9,920.41 encoder counts per inch.

Enter the result from the previous step into the Position Scale field and then select the appropriate units from the Position Units drop-down menu.

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