Getting Started

Congratulations on your purchase of the Smart Chain Hoist from Creative Conners, Inc.! Connect the Smart Chain Hoist to a Stagehand Pro, Showstopper 3 Base and a PC running Spikemark to Make It Move! You can extend functionality by pairing it with the Spikemark Pendant, allowing you to operate your Smart Chain Hoists wherever they are located.

This manual will direct you through:

  1. Unpacking

  2. Installing & Testing

  3. Operation Procedures

If you need help along the way, contact us!


Hoisting a load overhead can be dangerous, and the Smart Chain Hoist is no exception. Though this looks like any other chain motor, it is much quieter and faster than your everyday fixed speed chain motor. Exercise extreme caution when operating this machine. Although there are 2 brakes inside, there is no tell-tail brake clap to alert folks that the rig is moving. All standard rigging practices should be used when installing and operating your Smart Chain Hoist.


  1. Smart Chain Hoist - CM

  2. CM Product Manual


  • Motor Up or Motor Down installation

  • Quiet operation

  • 65dB when installed motor up

  • Variable Speed up to 20”/sec

  • BGV D8+ Rating

  • Dual brakes

  • Dual encoders


The Smart Chain Hoist is a Columbus McKinnon (CM) Varistar which is customized to work exclusively with the Stagehand Pro and Spikemark control. Now you are able to leverage the ease of installation, familiarity of rigging a chain hoist, and the trusted name of Columbus McKinnon’s products in your productions. The CM Varistar combines a powerful 3.5HP motor with a 10:1 safety factor, dual brakes, initial & ultimate limits and dual encoders to make precision, high speed moves safe and reliable while also meeting the BGV D8+ hoisting standard.

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