Drive Communication: Compatibility


Stagehands manufactured before 12/06/2021 need to update parameters

Drive communication is included with Spikemark 4.0.0 or later and is only available with the Stagehand Apprentice and Stagehand Pro controllers.

The Stagehand Servo, Smart Machines (Pushstick Mini, Spotline Mini, and Spotline Practical) and Stagehand AC Classics do not have the ability to communicate with their drives.

The Stagehand Mini^2 supports this feature as well, though as of this writing, VFD compatibility is limited to Mitsubishi A700/800 and D700 series VFD’s.

Every Stagehand Apprentice and any Stagehand Pro produced after 3/1/2018 ships from the factory with these features enabled.

Stagehand Pro’s built prior to 3/1/2018 require the RS-485 upgrade to enable this functionality.

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