UDP Messenger

The UDP Messenger, formerly the Stagehand Messenger, allows communication to outside control systems via a simple UDP text string. This feature was introduced to communicate with a proprietary AV controller in a permanent installation.

Set your Target Address to the IP Address and the Port of the device that is listening for UDP messages in the Stagehand Properties Panel

In the Cue Workspace, add a “movement” by dragging and dropping the Messenger into a Cue and add your UDP String into the message to send box and Click Update.

In this example we are executing a manual entry to move the Submaster Fader 1 on our Lighting Console to 75%

Check the User Guide of your receiving device for the appropriate string commands

The UDP Messenger sends out whatever text string is in the movement window when the cue is executed. In the above example, Spikemark is triggering a submaster change, though the text string can be anything you like. The important part is that the device listening for it understands it.

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