Installing the Stagehand

The Stagehand Apprentice ships from the factory with top handles and rubber feet installed, making it a snap to set on any flat surface. No matter the mounting method, the Stagehand Apprentice should always be oriented horizontally.

Required Tools

Before beginning any work assemble the following tools:

  • 3/16” Hex Top handle scews ΒΌ-20 SHCS

  • 9/64” Hex Case and Rack Bracket screws 8-32 SHCS

  • 5/32” Hex Rubber Feet 10-32 SHCS

Rack Mount

If you prefer to rack up your Stagehands all you need to do is install the included rack ears and install the Stagehand in a rack. The Stagehand must remain horizontal when in use, to maintain proper heat ventilation.

To rack mount the Stagehand Apprentice:

  • Remove the four SHCS holding the two plastic handles on the top of the Stagehand

  • Remove the four SHCS and rubber feet from the bottom of the Stagehand

  • Install the rack ears on each side of the Stagehand with the included hardware, 3x SHCS per side.

  • Secure the Stagehand in an equipment rack, keeping it horizontal

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