Common Challenges



No indicators illuminated

Check mains power

Red & Amber indicators

Check E-Stop mushroom switch on the Accessory Hub

Amber indicator

  1. An E-Stop is engaged in the system, check the OLED display for Node status

  2. Confirm Terminators are installed

All connected Stagehands are not releasing E-Stop

  1. Confirm the Base has power

  2. Confirm the Accessory Hub has power

  3. Confirm no Remote E-Stop switch is activated

Showstopper Accessories unresponsive

  1. Confirm Accessory cable is connected

  2. Confirm terminations

Remote E-Stop is functioning, but not sending feedback to Spikemark

  1. Confirm the remote has a unique E-Stop ID

  2. Confirm the Showstopper Base has a unique IP Address

  3. Confirm you are using a Showstopper 4 Terminator (8 pins) at the end of the chain rather than a Showstopper 3 Terminator (4 pins)

  4. Confirm Showstopper 4 Accessory cable is twisted pair


If you get stuck, we are here to help. The best way to get in touch with a tech expert is via email, even during normal business hours, because most days we are on the shop floor and may not be near the phone. There is someone in the office from 8:30a-5pm EST Monday-Friday, and they will return an email or phone call quickly. After hours, when most tech support issues arise, we have a crack team monitoring email and voicemail who will respond quickly to help get you moving.

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