4.3 Duplicate A Cue

Let's Duplicate Cue 1 to create a second cue.

  1. Right Click in the header of Cue 1.

  2. Select "Duplicate Cue..."

Edit Cue Properties

To distinguish the first movement of the show, let's change the name and color of Cue 2.

  1. Click Cue 2's edit icon.

  2. Highlight the text in the Cue Description Box.

  3. Type what's happening in this cue. We called it Reveal Wagon.

  4. Click "Pick" next to the Color Selection Box to open the color pallet, or type in your favorite color code.

  5. Select your color.

  6. Click "OK" to close the color selection pallet.

  7. Click "OK" to save your new Cue Properties and close the box.

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