Using the Deck Chief

Once all of your connections are made, either by plugging in a pre-wired Creative Conners machine or by wiring up your own machine, the next step is to power up and make something move. It is a good idea to do the initial movements without any load attached. Once you are comfortable that everything is working properly, then you can attach your curtain, screen, turntable, etc.

Move the Motor

Moving the motor with the Deck Chief is simple.

  • Confirm that the key switch is turned ON.

  • Install either the provided Remote Terminator, or a Remote Pendant.

  • Set the desired speed on the knob.

  • Press either the FWD or REV button. The buttons are illuminated when the respective limit switch is not struck. In other words, if the FWD button is illuminated, you can press the button and the motor will move forward. If the FWD limit is engaged, the button will be dark and pressing the button will have not effect.

Once the motor is moving, the button that correlates to the direction of travel will quickly blink indicating that the motor is moving at the speed selected on the knob. If the appropriate SLOW switch is struck, the button will blink slowly indicating that the motor is moving at the preset SLOW speed.

The Deck Chief operates in a “latching” mode. Once you press a button, the Deck Chief will continue to run until you press a stop button or the motor hits a limit switch. This is in contrast to “dead-man” operation where the operation button must be depressed constantly. There should be obvious safety implications to this design choice. The Deck Chief is intended for use in applications where unattended motion will not cause harm to people. If you are moving heavy things quickly that could collide with people, consider our Stagehand controllers that are built for such applications.

Stop the Motor

There are two methods of stopping the motor before it reaches one of its limit switches.

  • Press the STOP button. The motor will decelerate to a stop within two seconds.

  • Press the Emergency Stop button. The motor will stop instantly and the brake will be applied instantly.

If you press the Emergency Stop button, a few things happen:

  • Power is removed from the motor output circuit.

  • Power is removed from the brake circuit, engaging the brake.

  • Both direction buttons will darken, indicating that no movement can take place while the emergency stop is active.

  • The light above the Emergency Stop button will illuminate, showing that the emergency stop circuit is activated.

To release the Emergency Stop button, turn it clockwise. It will spring back to a released state. If all is well, the FWD and REV buttons will illuminate again.

The Emergency Stop circuit uses a dedicated safety module that will detect any problems with either the Emergency Stop button, or the safety circuit that guarantees power is removed from the motor during an emergency. If you release the Emergency Stop button and the FWD and REV buttons do not illuminate, it could mean that an internal safety component has failed and to ensure safe operation the dedicated safety module will not allow motion. If that occurs, please give us a call to help troubleshoot or return the Deck Chief for service.

Lock Out Unauthorized Users

The Deck Chief may be permanently installed in a facility and should be protected from accidental or malicious operation. Beneath the Emergency Stop button a key switch is provided to lock out the operation panel. Simply turn the key switch to OFF and remove the key for safe keeping. The key switch is a Square D part # ZB5AG2. If you need a replacement key one can be ordered from Creative Conners or your favorite Square D distributor.

Drive Fault

Internally, the Deck Chief uses a high-quality Mitsubishi D700 VFD to power the motor. There are various conditions that can cause the VFD (variable frequency drive) to enter a fault condition. Low voltage, over-current, disconnected motor are just a few examples. If the drive faults, the FWD & REV buttons will flash in an alternating pattern. To reset the drive and try to move again, press and hold both the FWD and REV buttons for a few seconds. The Deck Chief will attempt to reset the drive and restore normal operation. If the drive continues to fault regularly, give us a call to help troubleshoot.

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