Setting Computer IP Address
The easiest method to navigate to the Network Connections window is to
Press the Windows Key + R and to open the Run Window.
Then type in "ncpa.cpl" and click "OK"
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    Right click on your network connection (in the example below, we are using Ethernet and then click “properties” to open the properties windows.
2. Double click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) item, this will open the TCP/IPv4 properties window (to the right).
(In this example the IP Address is set correctly to If the ‘Obtain an IP Address Automatically’ button is selected, you will need to select “Use the following IP Address” button and manually type in the IP Address.
The Subnet mask typically auto-fills to the correct values, but if that doesn’t happen, just type in what is shown here:
Default gateway, and all DNS server boxes should be left blank.
Once the IP Address is set/confirmed, click OK twice to get back to the Network Connections window then close that window.
After setting the Computer's IP Address, there is one more important step to do in Spikemark. We need to tell Spikemark which Network Adapter/IP Address we are using on our Computer.
Open up the Spikemark Options window under File in the Toolbar
Click the drop-down for Spikemark's IP Address and select the IP Address that you just set your Computer to,
Then Click Save
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