Drive Information

The drive panel in the properties pane shows basic information about the drive in the Stagehand as well as some basic functions that it can do.

Basic Information

Stagehand Model

Once a drive has been detected, the Stagehand Model will display either Pro or Apprentice depending on the Stagehand connected.

Additionally, if the Stagehand connected is a Pro with an A800 drive inside, the Drive Model will populate with the exact model of drive. If you have a A700 or D700 drive, the Drive Model will not populate with the exact model.

Recent Faults

When a drive fault is detected, the Stagehand will query the VFD for the fault message and send it to Spikemark. Under the Drive section of the Properties Panel, the fault message(s) will be displayed. Only the faults that are currently in the VFD’s fault register are displayed here. Both the Mitsubishi error code and the error description are displayed.

Fault History

Every drive fault recorded by a show for a motor can be found by clicking the Fault History button under the Drive section of the Properties Panel. Here the faults can be filtered by type and hidden from view by right clicking a fault.

Reset Drive

To recover from a faulted state instead of having to E-Stop the drive or cycle its power to the Stagehand, the Reset Drive button can be clicked. This will also clear out the VFD's fault history.

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