The fundamental principle to observe when installing Revolver is that the scenery should move and the machine should not. To uphold this maxim, secure the Revolver to your stage well. There are mounting holes in the base plate for fastening to the floor. You can lag or bolt the base of the Revolver to the floor with 3/8” hardware (not included).

The Revolver should be installed roughly tangent to the edge of the turntable, with the base as close as possible to the drive edge. Depending on how round (or not) your turntable is, you may find it most successful to place the Revolver and manually push the turntable around to find the closest point.

Installing the Revolver properly is key to making it move. Before bolting the Revolver to the floor you'll want to get it positioned as close as possible to the edge of the turntable, with the drive wheel pushing as close to the center pivot as possible.

Loosen up the tensioning nuts and slide the sled back. This is also a good time to spin the encoder out of the way. Push the Revolver as close as possible and align the frame so the drive wheel is pushing towards the center of the turntable.

Keep in mind the "tongue" under the drive wheel may need to slide under the edge of the turntable.

If you can't get the Revolver close enough to the edge for both the drive wheel and encoder wheel to push against the edge of the turntable, you can rotate the Revolver to make it work.

Following these guidelines will ensure that the drive wheel has the most direct contact with the drive edge and that the encoder will be able to successfully engage the edge and that the frame will not run against the turntable.

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